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A Wild Generosity

Mythic Christ Mystery School LLC seeks the renewal of healthy and wise cultures and the deep restorative healing of our human relations with the more-than-human world through the awakening of mythic and ecological imagination. We believe this work is urgent and core to the human project in these times as we continue to address climate catastrophe and the collective trauma and loss of meaning in the westernized world. 

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Now more than ever, philanthropic support of innovative approaches to human spirituality, the religious imperative, fostering communities of healing, wholeness, and justice is absolutely essential. Our work is designed to help us make the worldview shift needed to re-sacralize our desecrated landscapes that have sustained human life for hundreds of thousands of years up until now. Your generosity and financial gifts directly support the lives that are being transformed, and the collective worldview shift that makes new forms of spiritual and ecological engagement possible. You matter, and your gift is appreciated!

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