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Matt Syrdal

Founder & Lead Guide

Matt is an ordained pastor living near the front range of the ancestral Rocky Mountains in Denver. Matt has a background in the Christian mystical tradition, and more recently in the visionary lineage of Animas Valley Institute as a certified Wild Mind Guide in nature-based human development, and is currently training as a Soul Initiation Guide. In 2014 Matt founded Church of Lost Walls, a Denver Wild Church seeking to step across the threshold into a community based on sacred-reciprocity, relationship with the watershed, wild sacramental worship, and a commitment to ecological education and justice. In 2018 Matt co-founded Seminary of the Wild, an eco-ministry leadership and movement hub for a wilder spirituality. Matt is an artist, a poet and writer,  a novice storyteller and lover of myth.

Growth & Depth Oriented Mentoring:

Soulcraft and Wild Mind approaches (Animas Valley Institute) and practices including:

  • Dreamwork

  • Deep Imaginal Work

  • Leadership Coaching & Systems

  • Archetypal & Depth Psychology 

  • Anthropology & Ritual

  • Myth Work


"As a board certified psychiatrist, I myself have had both years of life coaching and psychotherapy. I can say without a doubt that I have never experienced any inner work as effective as I have with Matt Syrdal. Trained in the Animas Valley Institute traditions of Soulcraft and dreamwork, Matt was able to help me to rapidly access my core life's work desires  and values (otherwise known as "true self") and begin to restructure my life in a way that is most consistent with those values.  The work I have done with Matt over the last three months has rapidly brought me to a place where at age 61, I finally have a much clearer direction on what I want to be when I grow up. Matt is a phenomenal coach and mentor and I cannot recommend him highly enough."

- Si Steinberg / Psychiatrist

"Matt is a deeply gifted spiritual guide and mentor. His gentle wisdom and deep listening can distil the inner elixir, facilitate healing and wholling, and thin the apparent veil between Mystery and all beings. Matt is profoundly gifted in illuminating the treasure within to 'bring forth what is within you' (Gos. Thom.), so that your unique gifts can be recognised, witnessed, nurtured and offered. This is soul nectar at its most mysterious and transformative. Matt has a prophetic voice in articulating the rewilding of the Christ traditions, richly drawing in the mysteries of Earth-based wisdom and ancestral myth, and stirring fresh reconnection with our deepest roots. For any soul work or deepening exploration, I cannot recommend Matt highly enough."- Sarah Prime

"The first thing that impressed upon me when meeting Matt was the deep calm of his presence.  Presence is one of the best gifts he brings to each session.  He listens deeply and invites me into actionable steps to interact with the Wisdom arising out of the session.  He encourages me to more fully inhabit my authentic, embodied self.  He appropriately shares his own experiences in ministry and points in directions of helpful resources for my work as pastor.  His depth of training and experience provide a solid basis for the journey of growth upon which he accompanies me.  I am so grateful to be able to work with him!"

- Jule Nyhuis / Pastor

About Mythic Christ Mystery School

Mythic Christ Mystery School is a religious organization that supports personal transformation and social action through a framework of nature-based human development. Our gatherings, immersions, and online guided community are designed to support emergent leadership in an age of climate catastrophe. We seek to offer a container and deep community for interfaith spiritual leaders and those grounded in the mystical Christ tradition to explore the visionary realm of the deep imagination, ritual, sacramental living, and cultural action grounded in the sacred mysteries.

The Mythic Christ Podcast offers a paradigm for exploring personal growth and collective transformation through the lens of scriptures, myth and archetype. Online content and practices are designed to help individuals deepen their spiritual journey. The Awakening Mythic Imagination: Eco-Depth Yearlong Program is an advanced, guided program for cultivating personal wholeness, reconnecting with nature, and exploring a new framework for human development from religious scriptures, world mythologies, and depth psychology.

The four pillars of Mythic Christ Mystery School are: direct experience, mythtelling, praxis, and creative community, and a whole range of practices and group work explore the intrapersonal, the interpersonal, and the transpersonal layers of experience and growth. 

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