An Eco-Depth Yearlong Program

It is lovely to imagine that real divinity is the presence in which all beauty, unity, creativity, darkness, and negativity are harmonized.” 

― John O'Donohue, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom

This yearlong is for those Wanderers who feel the underworldly pull of the soul into the luminous depths of Mystery to be further dissolved in order to experience the visionary gifts needed for their community and culture. 

This is an advanced yearlong course, with a stand-alone option to choose one or more intensives. The yearlong will conclude with a summer 2023 “practicum” with an optional on-land gathering: You will have guided and supported space to develop specific capacities and hone your own facilitation skills to deepen your own wild soul work, and leadership in your specific context and call.

Deep in the dream-realm of myth and poetic imagination lies visionary treasure waiting to be uncovered, like something of inestimable value hidden in the icy layers of deep time. This treasure is one's unique image, a 'seed' of psycho-spiritual becoming, a greater night, an emergence dreamed of stars and dust, woven in the living waters of myth and the stories of ancestors, vibrating in the songs and patterns of the Earth. Most adults in a patho-adolescent society such as ours, teetering as it is on the brink of unprecedented destruction, never discover this visionary treasure, perhaps unaware of its presence, perhaps not knowing where or how to discover it. Yet we are all born to encounter this "truth at the center of the image" we were born with, in the words of poet David Whyte. Jesus speaks of "treasure hidden in the field" of the soul. And this mythic kingdom we seek, when we do find, leaves us disturbed, even troubled. After a thorough journey of descent and dismemberment we return astonished, we marvel. We will enter ancient and indigenous streams of Celtic, Hebrew, and Earth-based myth. Journey with saints, mystics, poets and shamans through the sacred mytho-sphere of the Deep World. 

Deepen into the four dimensions of the Mythic Christ to awaken mythic imagination for spiritually creative, life enhancing work and Earth-honoring community.



Green Christ: Ecstasy, ritual & Wild Sacrament

August 24-28



Unitve Christ: Apprenticing to visionary treasure

January 11-15, 2023



Deep christ: exploring the terrain of mythic imagination

October 26-30



Generative Christ: enacting mythic Imagination

April 26-30, 2023

We will explore more deeply a ‘mythic architecture’ for working with these deepest energies in nature and the soul. Living in conversation with these four dimensions of the Christ archetype can awaken the mythic imagination we need to live spiritually creative lives and foster life-enhancing, Earth-honoring ritual and community.

This is designed as an advanced yearlong course, with a stand-alone option to choose one or more intensives. Practices and group-work will include a summer 2023 “practicum”: Your guide will mentor you in developing specific capacities and honing skills to facilitate your own wild soul work in your specific context.

Each intensive, while offered as a ‘stand-alone’, is integrated in the yearlong  to address deepening of the particular facet of Wild Christ, the corresponding wholing practices to cultivate one’s Wild Self, and practical resources and training for the context participants are working in. One follow up council (or dream council) is included for ‘stand-alone’ intensives.

Yearlong program includes:

  • 4 five-day intensives (alternating between three guided online days, and two asynchronous days for wandering and practice on your own)

  • Online gatherings: will meet as a cohort alternating between 3 cohort sessions per module (not including the intensive) for a total of 12 group gatherings & 3 Facilitator Triad group meetings per module.

  • Access to pre-recorded seedings.

  • 6 one-on-one focused mentoring sessions with your guide

  • Practiced based learning and guided support in Wild Facilitator Triads, after the last module. These triads are student led with support of the guide to explore, develop and hone skills and capacities to lead in your own context.

  • and 2 Focused Mentoring Triads at the end of the yearlong.

Practices we will explore:


  • Dreamwork, Dream-art

  • Personal myth-work

  • Sacred Art & Poetry

  • Working with Mytho-scapes

  • Developing skills in the Way of Council and Art of Mirroring

  • Consciousness-shifting practices on the land

  • 24 hour fast with Wander

  • Closing All-Cohort Intensive on the land (Info TBD)

Single Intensives Include:

  • 5 day intensive(s) of your choice

  • All Seedings and practices for that intensive

  • A complimentary mentoring session with your guide

Single Intensive

$485 for single 5 day intensive, includes 1 follow-up mentoring session & podcast content.

Two Intensives

$375 per Intensive ($90 discount) includes 2 mentoring sessions and podcast content.

Total: $750

Eco-Depth Yearlong

$300 per intensive (4 intensives) & all 4 modules cohorts, triads, mentoring.

Total Cost: $2,380

Schedule and Times:

ONLINE INTENSIVE SCHEDULE will be on a Wednesday and Friday: with a Morning session from 8:30-11 am Pacific; and an Afternoon session: 2-4 pm PT; AND Sunday: Afternoon session only: 2-4 pm PT


INTENSIVE #1 | “Green Christ: Ecstasy, Ritual Embodiment, and Wild Sacrament” - August 24, 26, 28

(Three two-hour yearlong cohort gathering dates and times TBD)


INTENSIVE #2 | “Deep Christ: Exploring the Terrain of Mythic Imagination” - October 26, 28, 30

(Three two-hour yearlong cohort gathering dates and times TBD)


INTENSIVE #3 |“Unitive Christ: Apprenticing to Visionary Treasure” -  January 11, 13, 15

(Three two-hour yearlong cohort gathering dates and times TBD)


INTENSIVE #4 | “Generative Christ: Enacting Mythic Imagination” -  April 26, 28, 30, 2023

(Three two-hour yearlong cohort gathering dates and times TBD)


June-August 2023 = Wild Facilitator Training (TBD)

The purpose of mentoring triads is focusing on one practice or topic, and engaging students in developing their skills, tracking, facilitating, and integration coaching.

**On-land retreat option in Colorado in July or August**