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Within each of us is a hidden treasure - the heart of the image we were born with. This treasure is a seed planted uniquely in each of us by Mystery as a unique gift to the world. It is for us, somehow, to discover this treasure, so that we can offer this gift to the world in return. This is the longing of our deepest self - and without this discovery and offering, something within us remains in deep and abiding longing, which we may experience in our lives as a gnawing dissatisfaction, repression, or unnamed grief. If this treasure within each of us remains dormant, undiscovered, unlived, a unique fragment of the face of Mystery will be lost. You may have sensed it, glimpsed it deep within you - a passion that ignites you, a call, a gentle but persistent whisper in your deepest self, a humming at the ear of your soul in the night.

This treasure is one's unique image, a 'seed' of psycho-spiritual becoming, a greater night, an emergence dreamed of stars and dust, woven in the living waters of myth and the stories of ancestors, vibrating in the songs and patterns of the Earth. Most adults in a pathological and traumatized society such as ours surviving on the precipice of ecological destruction, never discover this visionary treasure, perhaps even unaware of its presence. Yet we are all born to encounter this "truth at the center of the image" we were born with, in the words of poet David Whyte. Jesus speaks of "treasure hidden in the field" of the soul. We will explore the terrain of this mythic kingdom through the journey of descent. We will enter ancient and indigenous streams of Celtic, Hebrew, and Earth-based stories, journeying where saints, mystics, poets and shamans have walked through the sacred realm of mythic imagination. 


At Mythic Christ Mystery School we are aiming for the headwaters of this great quest. Our maps and compasses are poems, seedings, dreams, myth, and sacred scriptures that draw from the deep well of ancestral wisdom, deep imagination, solo encounters in nature, contemplative practice, sacred ceremony, and reflective sharing within an intimate and safe group context. You may already have done significant inner soul work, or this may be newer for you - either way, an adventure of the soul beckons.

The Awakening Mythic Imagination: Eco-Depth Yearlong is for those Wanderers who feel the underworldly pull of the soul into the luminous depths of Mystery to be further dissolved in order to experience the visionary gifts needed for their community and culture. The yearlong will conclude with a summer “practicum” with an optional multi-day on-land nature immersion. Participants will have guided and supported space to develop specific capacities and hone your own facilitation skills to deepen your own wild soul work, and leadership in your specific context and call.

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