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DEEP Christ 
Exploring the Terrain of Mythic Imagination

Online Intensive | October 26, 28, 30

But when I lean over the chasm of myself—
it seems
my God is dark
and like a web: a hundred roots
silently drinking.
This is the ferment I grow out of.
More I don’t know, because my branches
rest in deep silence, stirred only by the wind.

- Rainer Maria Rilke, translated by Anita Barrows

"Exploring the Terrain of Mythic Imagination " Online Intensive | October 26, 28, 30

Three online days (Mountain Timezone):

  • Wednesday (26th) 9:30 am - 2 pm MT

  • Friday (28th) 9:30 am - 2 pm MT

  • Sunday (30th) 1 pm - 3 pm MT

[Thursdays and Saturdays will be asynchronous solo wanders and practices on your own time.]

Deep in the dream-realm of myth and poetic imagination lies visionary treasure waiting to be uncovered, like something of inestimable value. This treasure is one's unique image, a 'seed' of psycho-spiritual becoming, a greater night, an emergence dreamed of stars and dust, woven in the living waters of myth and the stories of ancestors, vibrating in the songs and patterns of the Earth. We are all born to encounter this "treasure hidden in the field" of soul and Earth. For visionaries like Jesus, this kingdom was an imaginal terrain of myth, dreamed by Earth weaving itself in human story and ritual for the renewal of culture. The indigenous streams of ancient Celtic, Hebrew, and many other Earth-based myths offered a path and techniques of trance traveled by saints, mystics, poets and shamans through the ages, paths available for us today.

In Mythic Christ Mystery School we are aiming for the headwaters of a great quest. Our maps and compasses include seedings, dreams, myth, drawing on ancestral wisdom, deep imaginal journeying, solo encounters with nature, sacred ceremony, and reflective sharing within the group. You may already have done significant inner soul work, or this may be newer for you - either way, the great adventure of the soul beckons. 


This advanced online intensive will explore the hidden archetype and myth of the Deep Christ, a subterranean root system underneath the linear theologies and patriarchal traditions of Christianity. The imaginal realm is the wellspring of myth, imagination, dreams, visions, synchronicities, and transformation. It is the tidal confluence between the Otherworld and this world. During the transition to the darker half of the year, when the veil is thinnest we will explore the mythic terrain of the deep imagination.

The "Nekyia" or mythological Night Sea Journey down into the belly of a great fish, the journey into the underworld, deep in the wilderness where many have fasted for a vision, these universal images of transformation are patterned into our bone memory. We will explore the terrain of ‘descent,’ largely unknown to Western culture, which represents a shift in our psycho-spiritual center of gravity, a liminal and initiatory phase when our cultural identity and roles no longer serve the world and our primary longing is devoted to the mysteries of nature and soul. For Jesus, this journey began on the heals of his confirmation as ‘the Beloved,’ when he was driven out forcefully by Spirit into the desert to confront his Shadow and his destiny. The descent is tomb-womb time of encounter and trial. The value of what will be discovered is in measure of what will be risked and the immanent danger that will be faced.

October 26, 28, 30: "Exploring the Terrain of Mythic Imagination" includes:

  • A six-day intensive including three guided online days with the cohort (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) and two full asynchronous days for solo-wandering on the land and practices on your own)

  • Access to pre-recorded seedings & downloadable practices.

  • Recommended readings for further study

  • A one-on-one follow-up mentoring session with your guide after the intensive.

Practices we will explore:


  • Dreamwork in the morning sessions

  • Sacred Art, Poetry & Journaling

  • Movement & Embodiment Practices

  • Deep Imaginal Journeys

  • Working with Mytho-scapes

  • Guided group processes including the Way of Council and Art of Mirroring (adapted from Animas Valley Institute).

  • Consciousness-shifting practices & invitations to solo wanders on the land for deep reconnection.



   Myth & Eco-Spirituality


Matt Syrdal

Founder and Lead Guide | Mythic Christ Mystery School

You may have sensed it, glimpsed it deep within you - a passion that ignites you, a call, a gentle but persistent whisper in your deepest self, a humming at the ear of your soul in the night.

The treasure allures us, and may also unsettle us. The path may lead us through our own hidden depths and wounds. Perhaps something in us must die amidst the birthpains of our germination. But without this germination, the most precious part of us will remain unlived, and Mystery shares in our grief at its loss. 

If this treasure within each of us remains dormant, undiscovered or unlived, a unique fragment of the face of Mystery will be lost forever - and the infinitely creative, abundant and breathtaking mosaic of this Face will include blanks, gaps and missing pieces.

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you." - Gospel of Thomas, Logion 70

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