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Holy Breath
Centering Prayer & Ecstasy

Online Intensive | Friday, December 15th & Sunday, December 17th

“The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God's eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.”
― Meister Eckhart

"Holy Breath: Centering Prayer & Ecstasy" Online Intensive | December 15th & 17th

Two online days (Mountain Timezone):

Friday (15th) 9 am - 2 pm 

Sunday (17th) 12 pm - 4 pm

[Saturday will be asynchronous solo wanders and practices on your own time.]

Centering prayer and meditation are age-old techniques to put us in touch with what Jesus called ruha in Aramaic, the holy breath, the living and animating field that gives birth to self, to seed, storm and stellar nebulae. But what if there were an entire terrain of spiritual perception, a fluid continuum mapped by mystics, saints and shamans, a living world that perceives us, inviting us into our deepest longing?

Cynthia Bourgeault writes, "The imaginal is that quality of aliveness moving through this realm, interpenetrating, cohering, filling things with the fragrance of implicit meaning whose lines do not converge in this world alone but at a point beyond.” During this three day online intensive we will explore practices and group work that will help us deepen into different centering prayer practices exploring what Islamic scholar Henri Corbin called the Imaginal World.

This introductory program will meet you wherever you are at in your own practice and hopefully expand and deepen your own journey offering practical seedings and practices you can further develop.

December 15th and 17th: "Centering Prayer & Ecstasy" will include:

A three-day intensive including two guided online days, 9 hours total, with the cohort (Friday and Sunday) and one asynchronous day for solo-wandering on the land and practices on your own)
Access to pre-recorded & downloadable teaching & practices.
Recommended readings for further study
A one-on-one follow-up mentoring session with a guide after the intensive.



   Myth & Eco-Spirituality

Practices we will explore:

Dreamwork in the morning sessions
Gratitude & Forgiveness Meditation
Sacred Art, Poetry & Journaling
Authentic Movement & Embodiment Practices
Working with Mytho-scapes

Guided group processes including the Way of Council and Art of Mirroring (adapted from Animas Valley Institute).

Consciousness-shifting practices & invitations to solo wanders on the land for deep reconnection.


Matt Syrdal

Founder and Lead Guide | Mythic Christ Mystery School

You may have sensed it, glimpsed it deep within you - a passion that ignites you, a call, a gentle but persistent whisper in your deepest self, a humming at the ear of your soul in the night.

The treasure allures us, and may also unsettle us. The path may lead us through our own hidden depths and wounds. Perhaps something in us must die amidst the birthpains of our germination. But without this germination, the most precious part of us will remain unlived, and Mystery shares in our grief at its loss. 

If this treasure within each of us remains dormant, undiscovered or unlived, a unique fragment of the face of Mystery will be lost forever - and the infinitely creative, abundant and breathtaking mosaic of this Face will include blanks, gaps and missing pieces.

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