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Introduction to Awakening Mythic Imagination

  • 30Days
  • 4Steps


Welcome to the "Introduction to Awakening Mythic Imagination Self-Guided Course"! In this 30 day transformative journey, we will dive deep into the realms of myth, imagination, and the longing for reenchantment. **Part 1: Exploring the Mythic Imagination** To begin, we will explore the power of the mythic imagination and how it connects us to the world around us. We will delve into the concept of myth as a living force that shapes our reality and examine the role of imagination in accessing deeper realms of consciousness. **Part 2: The Language of Mythtelling and Sacred Boundaries** We will delve into the language of mythtelling and the importance of sacred boundaries. Through the exploration of the triadic nature of mythtelling, the relationship between myth and land, and the loss of communication with the sacred, we will seek to reconnect with the rich tapestry of myth and restore the sacred bond between ourselves and the world. **Part 3: "Mythtelling, Animal Powers, Ritual Knowledge & Ecological Balance"** Introduction: This section dives into the profound connection between mythic imagination and the animal powers, ritual knowledge and ecological balance that has been the source of life for nature-based communities. **Part 4: Nurturing the Mythic Imagination in Our Lives** Introduction: In this final section, we will discuss practical ways to nurture and cultivate the mythic imagination in our everyday lives.

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